Onward! To Everything Kids Expo!

Everything Kids Expo is an Exhibition taking place in Johannesburg, Alberton, at Sha-mani Lodge and Conference Venue on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017.

The Expo will feature everything to do with Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Parents and Families as well as something different! There will also be a Market with amazing creations and products that will capture everyone’s imaginations. We have everything to do with Kids, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a very special place for the parents who love them so much! The parent’s cove is an exhibition space featuring everything Parents and Adults with space to relax from the wild child!

With something for everyone there isn’t a reason not to attend, but incase you were thinking not to attend there’s quite a lot extra…

Sit in on an Educational Talk or Live Demonstration to learn something valuable and experience what businesses can do for you first hand!

You could win over 30 prizes at the exhibition. From cakes valued at R1000 each! To Educational Toys and musicals hampers and packed lunches for an entire month or a Children’s birthday party. Then stand a chance to win R15 000 just by purchasing a ticket and entering online! So you could win big! But the even bigger win is the affordability of the exhibition.

Adults (12 years and older) pay only R30 for a ticket to attend the exhibition and kids under 12 get FREE Entrance! Now with so much to go and do and see this is a huge win! But it gets even better! All the kids’ entertainment is completely free to enjoy! Meaning your children get an amazing weekend full of memories for no cost at all!

The Kids Zone offers jumping castles, soft play, challenges, activities, animal encounters and more all to enjoy for free. Then they get to go watch some live shows including a puppet show, musical performance and fashion show! It is something you don’t want to let them miss out on. Put all of this together with some great food and a wonderful family day out and you have Everything Kids Expo!

Be sure to visit our website and social media to keep up to date with everything going on! http://www.everythingxexpo.com & @everythingxexpo

Open Saturday 21st from 09:00 to 17:00 and on Sunday 22nd from 09:00 to 16:00 with every hour promising to be a memorable one!

There’s Just Nothing Quite Like Being a Kid – Especially at Everything Kids Expo.

Don’t Miss Out! We’re Almost Full!

The Exhibition space is Over 80% Full and we only have a few spaces left! Don’t miss your chance to exhibit what you can offer at Everything Kids Expo!

We have stands indoors and outdoors for exhibitors still available and want to urge you to act fast and make the booking today. Everything Pregnancy, Baby, Child, Special Needs, Mom, Dad, Family and more! If you know you fit in then get in touch with us! Email us at info@everythingxexpo.com or fill in the form at the bottom of the “Exhibit” page.

There is still space for everything parent and adult too as well as anything and everything in the market area. Great rates and an amazing weekend out that you just can’t afford to miss!

So what are you waiting for? Act now before it’s too late! We want to see you there!

AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program!

AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program! It’s where infants, babies, & toddlers learn to swim as naturally as they learn to walk and where every lesson is a building block in aquatic competency.


AQUATOTS is a Sing-song parent-tot group approach to teaching infants swimming skills.Though the ultimate aim of the program is to develop the swimming skills which infants are capable of at  specific stages in their development as soon as possible, it is never done at the expense of their emotional well-being.

Participating in the program not only provides the infant with a better chance of survival in the water, but encourages all round development, enhancing motor skills, perceptual abilities, social interaction, confidence, coping skills and parental bonding.

What is so special about the AQUATOTS Swim Program?

AQUATOTS is a world leader in infant Swimming and
top-ranking in the country.

AQUATOTS is the method that pioneered the child-
centred approach to infant swim teaching in South

AQUATOTS conforms to guidelines of the American
Association of Peadiatricians for infant swimming.

AQUATOTS is the ultimate in parent infant aquatic

AQUATOTS is structured so that each child excels on
their own level of competence and confidence.

AQUATOTS unique nature’s way philosophy puts infants
in control of submersion.

AQUATOTS is a registered trademark and signifies
uniform, controlled and regulated AQUATOTS Franchise
Swim Schools nationwide.

AQUATOTS is acknowledged by Swimming South Africa
(SSA) & the Australian Council for Teaching of
Swimming and Water Safety (Austswim)

AQUATOTS provides more too!

The AQUATOTS PROGRAM is also being used as pediatric hydrotherapy for special needs children. For the special needs child water may be the only environment in which total independence can be attained. All children need to experience active movement if they are to develop. Water as a medium for activity is a most useful means of widening the experience of such children.

If the exercises can be hidden in an activity that is fun, both the therapeutic and  recreational aspects have been incorporated. The development of breathing control, control of the  head, trunk and limbs and the creation of appropriate movement of these body  parts not only assist in the skill of swimming but considerably enhances body image partial relationships and an awareness of the body as a whole unit.

Children with Bone disorders, Joint & Muscle  disorders, Neurological & Developmental  disorders, Mental & Behaviour disorders can be helped with AQUATOTS applied for special needs children.

Where is AQUATOTS?

You can find AQUATOTS Alberton at the Danie Linde Wellness Institute located at 23 2nd Ave, Alberton. The Danie Linde Wellness Institute offers something for everyone so be sure to check it out at: http://hydrobiokinetics.co.za

Apply for AQUATOTS!

To find out more or enrol your child in their upcoming classes Be sure to contact them on 011 869 7979 or 084 245 2213. You can also email them: malinda@mweb.co.za or alberton@aquatots-swimprogram.com or visit their website: http://hydrobiokinetics.co.za/Pages/AQUATOTS.asp

I will Always Protect You

A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. – Agatha Christie

It is true that a parent’s love for their child is like nothing else in this world and is most certainly not limited to mothers only as we know there are fathers out there who would break mountains for their children.

Since you love your child so much you only want the best for them. The best when it comes to preparing for their future. The best when it comes to their health. The best when it comes to giving them a healthy and fun childhood. You will always want the best for your child – so we want to help you get that.

Tired of being told you’re a “Paranoid Parent”?

You care about your child! Why should that be a problem? How does it make you paranoid? Have you never heard of the saying “better safe than sorry”?

We understand that being labeled as a paranoid parent isn’t pleasant and we want to address that. By attending the exhibition you will not only be able to have the chance to interact with professionals in certain fields but also ask them any questions you may have. You get the answers to your questions from someone who knows exactly what to look out for.

Maybe you aren’t fully aware of what you should be asking. That’s no problem at all. By roaming around the exhibition and viewing what all is present you may stumble upon something very interesting which you never even knew existed. Or you could attend one of our educational talks and learn something new or gain a better understanding of the subject.

There is no need to feel paranoid here. There are no silly questions, only questions which can be answered by our professional exhibitors. Come and find out exactly how you can help your child all within one space.

I want to give my child the best, but how do I know what the best is?

Giving your child the best is what every parent strives to do. It’s why you work so hard! And when you work so hard to be able to afford the best you want to be sure it really is the best. No problem with Everything Kids Expo!

The exhibition will be filled with many different services and products. But, there will also be products and services which are in direct competition. This gives you the opportunity to interact with all of them and decide which is the best for you.

Meet with the exhibitors face to face and ask all the questions you want – you will get answers immediately. No need to wait for a response! Giving your child the best has never been easier! All you have to do is attend the exhibition.

Relax, Feel Comfortable & Informed

Now that you have been informed on everything you were concerned about and you are feeling more comfortable with the decisions you are about to make – just relax and enjoy your family. Go wild in the Kids Zone or enjoy a family friendly show while eating some delicious food or interesting snacks. Even enter the great competitions!

The Exhibition will give you it all!

Protecting your child is more than just being there for them when they need you – it is about planning ahead and knowing their future is bright. All of this can be achieved by attending the exhibition and allowing our amazing exhibitors to assist you!

Don’t Miss Out! Book your Space Today!

Don’t Miss Out or be Missed this October. Everything Kids Expo is coming to Johannesburg South giving all businesses, services, products, food and more who target children aged 0-13, moms & dads, Pregnant women, families and adults looking to start a family. An interactive, fun and effective marketing experience you don’t want to miss out on, or be missed while your competitors are getting all the attention!

What is Everything Kids Expo?

Everything Kids Expo is an exhibition showcasing everything to do with children aged 0-13, pregnant moms, moms, dads and families. It is a showcase of great businesses, products, services and brands all aimed at bettering the lives of young children and their families.

The specific audience allows for businesses to reach their target market directly and display exactly what they are able to offer. This is highly beneficial when it comes to marketing a business effectively with little restriction! Other marketing techniques may be ineffective because of the vast target audience it is reaching. Combine this with the fact that it can be very costly and possibly provide you with no leads or new business – it is a risk.

Marketing at an exhibition however, has some great benefits you can’t get anywhere else!

The Benefits of Everything Kids Expo 

It is effective targeted marketing. Simple. We target the audience you are after for you and attract them to meet you face to face. Now that you have your exact target market in front of you – do your thing.

You are not limited by millimeters on a page. You are not limited by a word count on a post. You are free to display your brand exactly how you want to within your very own space at the exhibition. You can collect contact information, distribute marketing material directly into the hands of the people you need to see it, display with large images or a video exactly what you offer and most importantly pitch your business freely to the customer and answer any questions they may have.

You Cannot Afford to miss out on this Affordable Rate 

You get to interact, engage and display what you do at the exhibition. But, you also receive exposure on our social media, website and online exhibition directory! All of this for just R850.00! A stand; the chance to meet your target market face to face; the ability to distribute your own personal marketing material; exposure on our social media, website and directory; Networking; and an amazing experience all for just R850.00.

You simply cannot afford to pass this opportunity up.

The Different areas of the Exhibition 

The Exhibition: If your business has anything to do with pregnancy, babies, children 0-13 or parents then you need to make sure you are part of the exhibition! Take advantage of face-to-face interactive marketing, networking & exposure. Calling all Pre-schools, Primary schools, Therapists, Medical Services, Midwives, Baby Clinics, Toys, Clothing, Party Planning, Cakes, Extra-mural activities, Tutors, Kids Furniture, Linen, Accessories, Special Needs Services, Books, Photography, Music, Safety products, Party Venues, Entertainment, & more to join us!

The Kids Zone: If your business is all about having fun, awesome and wild experiences or giving them to children then this is where you want to be! It is a zone set up for jumping castles, foam parties, zorb balls, sports, fun games, rides and more! You are actually able to display your business with real life demonstrations the whole weekend! Could there be any other way to improve business?

The Picnic & Party Park – Entertainment: Why not show off with a show? Give a performance for Free, we won’t charge you anything to display your talents and gain exposure for what you do best! With a stage set up just for you, why not take advantage? Magicians, clowns, puppeteers, musicians, science shows and more! Come and gain exposure for your business in the best possible way!

The Picnic & Party Park – Food: If you have something delicious, unique or just plain oddly delectable; you should definitely be here! A park dedicated to providing delicious foods to suit all palates. No matter what it may be, if it’s delicious, make sure you’re selling it!

The Market: It doesn’t have to be all about the kids in this area! Whatever you may have, bring it along to the exhibition to make some sales and at the same time, gain some great exposure for when people may need you! Arts, crafts, products, services, weird & wonderful. We want it all! So if you have something you would like to sell, showcase or just get exposure for then attend our market! Aimed at everyone – not just kids!

The Parents Cove: Mom & Dad deserve to be spoilt too sometimes. That is why we have something just for them! The Parents Cove is an Exhibition for Everything Parents! Showcase your wonderful products to entice & delight parents, adults and families. Ladies clothing, jewellery, bags, perfumes, beauty products, beauty spas, health and wellness products, financial services, home improvement, latest braai gadgets for dad, beard oils and much more – there will be enough space for everyone!

So what are You waiting for?

Book your space now! Space is limited and given on a first come first serve basis. Get there before your competitors do! Visit our Exhibit at Everything Kids Expo Page or Contact Us to book your spot!

Not Looking to Exhibit but rather to attend as a member of the public? No problem! Get your tickets Now by Clicking Here! Tickets are also limited so be sure to get yours before they run out!

We look forward to having an experience you won’t soon forget with you!