Onward! To Everything Kids Expo!

Everything Kids Expo is an Exhibition taking place in Johannesburg, Alberton, at Sha-mani Lodge and Conference Venue on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017. The Expo will feature everything to do with Pregnancy, Babies, Children, Parents and Families as well as something different! There will also be a Market with amazing creations and productsContinue reading “Onward! To Everything Kids Expo!”

Don’t Miss Out! We’re Almost Full!

The Exhibition space is Over 80% Full and we only have a few spaces left! Don’t miss your chance to exhibit what you can offer at Everything Kids Expo! We have stands indoors and outdoors for exhibitors still available and want to urge you to act fast and make the booking today. Everything Pregnancy, Baby,Continue reading “Don’t Miss Out! We’re Almost Full!”

AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program!

AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program! It’s where infants, babies, & toddlers learn to swim as naturally as they learn to walk and where every lesson is a building block in aquatic competency. What is AQUATOTS? AQUATOTS is a Sing-song parent-tot group approach to teaching infants swimming skills.Though the ultimate aim of the program isContinue reading “AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program!”

Don’t Miss Out! Book your Space Today!

Don’t Miss Out or be Missed this October. Everything Kids Expo is coming to Johannesburg South giving all businesses, services, products, food and more who target children aged 0-13, moms & dads, Pregnant women, families and adults looking to start a family. An interactive, fun and effective marketing experience you don’t want to miss outContinue reading “Don’t Miss Out! Book your Space Today!”